Crucial ICD Management Features Of dBricks in Two Paragraphs

Date: 11 октября 2020

Working in a system engineering environment means that you always have to define interfaces. This fact applies to mechanical, hydraulic, electric as well as electronic systems.

When you start defining electronic interfaces you usually develop respective Interface Control Documents (ICDs).

No matter if you create simple systems with few interacting units or complex airliner avionics with hundreds of units you must be aware what every ICD must contain to be complete.

ICD Composition

Interface Control Documents are always composed of:

  1. Logical interconnection data:
    • What information is to be transferred
    • Who is source and who is destination
  2. The way logical data is represented in e.g. a serial protocol or an analog signal
  3. Hardware channel ports and buses that are used to transmit and receive data
  4. Wiring interconnection data that transfers everything listed above

ICD Development

Being aware of the need for a complete ICD description is half the battle. Having good tooling to manage smooth development activities is the victory!

dBricks gains your ICD development activities with the following approach:

  1. You define your complete data model according the ICD composition needs
  2. While you are populating the database dBricks validates your inputs in time to avoid trivial errors. Scale up your customized consistency checks to more complex quality when you feel ready for it.
  3. Export your data in your needed format like: either human-readable (ICD in MS Word, data exchange files in MS Excel, Wiring schematics etc.) or machine-readable format (e.g. VHTNG type file, rig I/O configuration files etc.).

Is smooth ICD development interesting for you?

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