Transfer Customer Documentation Into dBricks

Our experts can transfer your system-specific document package into dBricks-compatible electronic format. As a result, dBricks user receives a ready-to-use digital model of a system that can be changed and adjusted by your in-house specialists.

Let’s say you need to upgrade a previously developed system, but your ICDs are in different formats, and some of them are only available in hard copies which may contain inconsistencies and discrepancies. We can convert all information you have into a single dBricks environment to make your data available for further in-house system upgrades by the customer. With the end dBricks data model you’ll be able to create system interface models, identify and eliminate errors and inconsistencies, structure data, manage system changes and generate documentation in one click.

We have a successful history of documentation transfer for dBricks from any document (MS Word, Excel, PDF, hardcopy, etc.) and any entry format (table, plain text). Any potential discrepancies between documents are detected automatically and resolved together with the customer. Leave your routine to us!

Your challenges:

  • You don’t have a uniform data format for cross-system communication
  • Introduction of new products entails process changes (initially)
  • Your need to reassign specialists to convert existing documentation into dBricks format
  • You’re new to dBricks and want to avoid poor effort distribution, losing time to adjustments, and risking the loss of data integrity

Our solution:

  • Identifying and eliminating inconsistencies/discrepancies in project documentation, providing a detached view
  • Transfer existing interface control documents from hardcopy to digital in dBricks both with and without the customer
  • Gaining additional expertise on how to use system design and upgrade tool in a more efficient way by converting existing documentation into dBricks format
  • Correction and release of reviewed documents in dBricks
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