Onboard Units and Entire System Data Models Development

Creating models for systems, sensors or individual units can be complex and time-consuming. By using dBricks combined with MATLAB Simulink, we can design a customized model for a system or device of any level of complexity and detail based on your requirements.

We can draw up a description of the interface (all device-specific input and output parameters, data path from source to destination, connections to hardware and software device ports, parameter names, etc.) and the logical part of your system in dBricks (processing and interconnection functionality of input and output parameters for units/devices or the entire system). Then, using dBricks Toolbox for MATLAB/Simulink, all system description data entered will be transferred to Simulink to create models with inputs, outputs, and logic defined in dBricks. The logical interrelation of model/system input and output parameters are either directly detailed in Simulink or generated automatically in dBricks.

All you need to do is provide initial data related to system interfaces and behaviour – we’ll transform your data into a model. Such a model can be used to design various types of test benches and simulators.

If you are already using dBricks to develop your design documentation (ICDs, connection diagrams, flowcharts, etc.), set up and manage the configuration of a system-specific information model, in case of design documents modifications, all changes will be simultaneously aligned with models. Correlation between model interfaces, their properties, and data links in a dBricks project ensures convergence of the main Model-Based Development (MBD) phases: MIL, SIL, PIL, HIL.

Your challenges:

  • You need a mathematical model of a system/device
  • Your need to reassign specialists to convert existing documentation into dBricks format
  • In order to create a system model, you need to integrate several devices from different developers, which entails additional effort of the main system developers involving non-core integration work

Our solution:

  • Converting existing interface control documents from hardcopy to digital in dBricks both with and without the customer
  • Gaining additional expertise on how to use system design and upgrade tool in a more efficient way by converting existing documentation into dBricks format
  • Creating mathematical models of devices/systems with dBricks
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