Development of Wiring Design Documentation

Virtually any system needs wires to get it rolling. Even wireless systems need wires for power transmission. Take aircraft wiring design: it can be more sophisticated than you think. Factor in tight deadlines, numerous design changes in the on-board systems and the aircraft itself at the design stage – and don’t forget to study multiple catalogues by various manufacturers of wiring components and think about the weight and maintainability of each item you use, etc. Obviously, it would be wrong for the aircraft system developers to switch to wiring design. This could make you miss both deadlines. Besides, wiring design documents must be finalized and submitted to production before some of the aircraft systems have been designed in full. In this situation, you can hire more specialists to handle you wiring design tasks or you can make use of our offering – development of design documentation.

Your challenges:

  • You don’t have industry experts specialized in EWIS design 
  • You have to deal with pressing deadlines/tight schedule 
  • You need to develop DD for several facility/product prototypes 
  • You want to enable support of wider equipment functionality 
  • Wiring components have long delivery/manufacturing time which means you need to submit DD to production as early as possible 
  • You want to be able to manage changes in DD during wiring manufacturing You must factor in wiring weight requirements

Our solution:

  • Turnkey development of wiring DD
  • Significant (up to 70%) reduction of DD development time
  • Ready-to-use component database
  • Predictive ordering of wiring components (list of third-party components)
  • Uniform design environment for all wiring prototypes and modifications
  • Clear differentiation and configuration management for every DD version
  • Smart means of DD option recording (for equipment)
  • On-line monitoring of wiring weight

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