A Few Words About Us and Our Goals
Date: 21 февраля 2022
About, Complexity, Fools and Partnership
How Does Landing Gear and Brakes Works?
Date: 5 августа 2021
This article described in simple language how a modern airliner Landing Gear and Brakes are arranged
How Does an Airliner Power Plant Work?
Date: 9 мая 2021
This article described in simple language how a modern airliner power plant is arranged
How to Build a Test Bench - Development Guide
Date: 17 февраля 2021
In this article you will learn more about our methods for the development and design of Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) and Model-In-the-Loop (MIL) test benches. This document sums up overall experience of test bench creation gained by our engineers in several CS-25 certified aircrafts projects.
The Role of a Consistent Data Model for Systems Development
Date: 11 ноября 2020
With this article we explain the dBricks data model in a simplified form and we highlight the reasons why we realized it in this way.
Crucial ICD Management Features Of dBricks in Two Paragraphs
Date: 11 октября 2020
Short overview of dBricks functionality that covers interface control documents (ICD) development
When and Why Should I Start Using dBricks
Date: 7 октября 2020
Seven use cases to illustrate advantages of using dBricks.
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